Friday, February 12, 2010

On the side of their house

On the side of their house
around the bulkhead
between their yard
and their neighbor’s driveway
not much there in general

But there, as they had been long before
the sweet nectar of the lilies
Lilies of the valley
which went in her bouquet
when she became his wife
there still long after
coming to my eyes, my nose
in delight for my senses

Picking them,
up out of the earth
the small rocks and moss
below the gutters of the house
Coming in their backdoor
through the porch
and around the dogs, jumping
handing her my little bouquet
her face smiling, aglow

Back outside, into the sun
running with siblings and cousins
spending part of the day
at my grandparents
Maybe when I was six or seven

February 12, 2010
Mid to later in the 1960’s
15 Bates Street, Westfield, MA

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