Saturday, February 09, 2008

God’s Answer

God’s will, God’s time, God’s answer
to our prayers, to our petitions,
that is the hard part, the part where faith matters
when life becomes difficult, when the struggle continues
sometimes for generations, that is the test of faith
our lives, of service, of fidelity to God, the Father,
the Creator, Sustainer, the one of steadfast love

God’s answer to our prayers, in the ways of God,
not of man, in the ways of the divine, not the human
for God’s purposes, unknown to us
revealing in ways we cannot comprehend

This is the challenge of faith, in long-term faith
in the unknown, the unseen, the unfathomable
trusting in the steadfast love of God, a God
who sustained the people, who gave us a Savior,
to reconcile our sinfulness, who wiped away that stain;
a Spirit to support us in our trials;
a God who will bring us all home to Him
in His time, in His ways, in answers to prayer

February 9, 2008

Friday, February 08, 2008

Cross - 2

Two trees
in the naked woods
lines highlighted
by the white of snow
Laying upon each other
hundreds of yards
up the hill from
the busy highway
lines bending on one another
breaking the symmetry
of vertical lines
rising up the rolling hill
two lines bending
against themselves
a cross in the woods

February 5, 2008

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Waterboarding = Torture

Waterboarding is torture - always!

There is no process that makes it anything other than torture.

America must never use torture.

America must never use waterboarding!

I am horrified that members of our government have engaged in waterboarding and I am even more horrified that people in our government are working to justify it, both before they did it and now.

You do not fight terrorism with terror.

How can we demand that other parties follow the rule of law when we do not?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Herd of Footprints

A stampede, a herd, a huge wave
went before us, a herd of footprints
in the new-fallen, wet, thick snow
some overlapping, some pristine
in the dense slush
Footprints of eager children
walking, running, stomping to school
for another day of learning,
right around the corner from home
a wave of children, crashing on the gates
bringing giggles and bags
into the schoolhouse doors

February 5, 2008

Monday, February 04, 2008

In His Talons

Okay, so I don’t know it was a male hawk;
but “in its talons” didn’t sound as good;
but I digress.
The well-stripped carcass, meat exposed
that so recently was beating flesh
back against the ice and snow below.
A raptor eating its prey in the side yard
in February, in the cold.
Yellow eyes staring at me, watching me,
slithering on my belly across the snow,
in a second pair of jeans, to capture more shots
more pictures, intrusions on his mealtime.
Little bits of down fluttered in the breeze,
clung to the hawk’s wet beak, its own feathers
huddled against himself, to stanch the cold
Eagerly completing its lunch,
ready to soar again
“if this stupid human would only leave me alone.”
Point taken, sir.

February 4, 2008
on the hawk I photographed a year ago,
reminded of him yesterday by the new carcass remains
in our driveway

4 years of blogging

Today, 2/4/08, marks the 4th year for this blog, with 2,171 poems now posted, with 1,088 in the last year. I hope you like what you find here.

Pools of Living Light

Drink from these
deep pools of effervescent light
endless springs of living water
dip your cur, your chalice
quench your abiding thirst
with the water of life, light to the world
the ministry, the forgiveness,
the redeeming through the Son,
the way back to the Father
drench in the water, the living light
hope to the world
for a better home
after this work is done

February 3, 2008 & February 4, 2008

In Brilliance

In brilliance, He was transformed
radiant white light, shimmering on the mountain
God revealed the holiness of the Christ
the beloved Son of the Most High, of man
changed on the mountain, fulfilling
what was begun in the River
when out of the water he rose
and the Spirit fell upon him
now, in brilliance
the law, the prophets
fulfilled, revealed, in communion
up on the mountain
the light shone in him
in preparation
for the final journey

February 3, 2008
Matthew 17:1-9