Saturday, May 03, 2008

Boxes of Beads

Boxes, and boxes, of beads
little compartments, separated by color, by size,
the charms in one, the tiger’s eye another
pearls, glass, swirls and balls,
Like feminine tackle boxes,
to catch far different fish
organized, far more
than my toolbox mound
in a pile in the basement
A sale at Michaels,
a coupon to AC Moore
More earrings, bookmarks,
jewelry galore

May 3, 2008

Making Memories

We got up a little later than normal,
sleeping in on a cloudy Saturday
A knock at the door, help needed
for junior cooks, wanting to make breakfast
for momma. Dad the helper on the way.
Eggs and cheese, table to be set, cinnamon toast
a team effort; don’t forget the coffee in bed.
Setting a day apart, going craft shopping,
mixing the cement for stepping stones
add the date, the glitter, the glass, the beads
Making memories with the girls;
let it rain, we’re doing fine

May 3, 2008

you live too far away

When I think of you, our friendship
so deep, so rich in the moments,
when we saw each other daily,
shared a lunch, or a pint at the pub
I think, you live too far away
unable to transit the miles, the ocean
the great space between us
Wondering how your life has changed
what you have seen, experienced
back closer to home,
where you path has lead you
what mountains you have climbed
Here I am in my safe wonderful world
I wonder about the demons you face
in the work you do, memories you
are forced to face
so far away,
questions I cannot ask

May 3, 2008

Feed Your Spirit

Each day, feed your spirit
the indwelling spirit within you
feed your spirit with the living waters
the life giving word, the holy word
ageless and timeless, living words
of God’s faithfulness, of the creator’s love
sacrifice and promise, hope eternal
Feed your spirit well, deeply
life is in the word, internalized
Meditate on the hope of the prophets
the history of old, the story of the son
and the life of the apostles, our lives
living out the word

May 3, 2008

Friday, May 02, 2008

To Each as Any Had Need

Out of the bounty, the faithful gifts
the community was fed, all were cared for
to each as any had need
the village building them up
none were needy, because they lived
the rule to love their neighbor
giving back the gifts of wealth
of property for the common good
so all were blessed, as any were

May 2, 2008
Acts 4:32-37
Upper Room daily devotional

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At the Apostles’ Feet

All he earned, laid at the apostles’ feet
freely giving his all, for community
adding his due to the common purse
knowing that their needs would all be met
living in relationship, all the believers
counting on provision,
each according to his need
believing in the providence of God
to these faithful followers
the disciples of the Son

May 2, 2008
Acts 4:32-37
Upper Room daily devotional

All of my poems are copyrighted by Raymond A. Foss, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. All rights reserved. Contact me at Ray Foss for usage. See all 19,840+ of my poems at Poetry Where You Live.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

She Guided Me

When life’s struggles
seem too much to bear,
she carried me

When I was lost
and couldn’t find my way
she guided me

When I sinned
and couldn’t get myself clean
She died for me

When I despaired at her dying
and thought all hope was gone
She rose from the grave

When I didn’t know what to do
I called on her, her mother
and they answered my prayers

May 1, 2008

Into Her Loving Arms

Arms open wide, she waits
for me to repent and turn
submitting my will to hers
changing the course of my life
to follow the commands, the call
of my loving mother, my God
Into her loving arms, her sweet embrace
I fall, letting down my heavy burden
I rise, taking up my sister’s yoke
pairing up with her, walking on the way
dropping my nets, leaving all
answering her call to follow her, immediately,
Living my life forevermore, sitting at her feet,
worthy of her sacrifice, her life for mine
My sister on Galilee’s shore,
on Calgary’s cross, rising on the third day
Walking with her on the Road to Emmaus
Her face clear in the breaking of the bread.

May 1, 2008

His or Her

I have been thinking about his.
So many of my poems, about God
the possessive is his
A father God, that loving
benevolent image
Sistine Chapel, the masters of old

A loving patronymic, patriarch
the father in the story, the Prodigal Son
arms open wide, while I was yet still
far astray, blind to him

Never, or at least rarely, her
We don’t often see the feminine
of the divine, the holy
rarely see her loving nurturing hands
holding our cooing infancy
shielding us from the trouble, harm
We see instead the shepherd,
the priest, the king

As I write these lines I wonder
where she can replace he,
his could become hers,
a mother take the place of the father,
Or even the Son a Daughter become,
the paternal instead maternal
We shall have to see
what words I am given

May 1, 2008

A Day of Prayer

A national day of prayer,
duly designated, sanctioned
to pray for our country, our blessings
for our leaders, in these days
Praying for wisdom, for justice,
for peace, for an end to torture
Bowing my head, clasping my hands
spending a few moments in prayer
for this land we call home
I wonder what this nation,
this world would be like
if instead of a day of prayer
we all prayed daily

May 1, 2008

Like Dangling Earrings

Living, moving, dangling earrings,
hanging from the earlobes,
amber, subtle, delicate,
so are the oak blooms on the old tree
feathering in the May morning breeze
small beads of luminescence
amber straw,
below the bright new green
of the tiny leaves
Like beaded dangling earrings
glinting in the sunlight

May 1, 2008

Deep Roots

Deep roots, of faith
anchoring our lives in the good soil,
reaching down into the living waters
fed by the creator, the sustainer
our loving God; deep roots
reaching out, stabilizing us,
grounding us in study, in fellowship,
indwelling relationship with God
like trees against the blast
we are held up, protected
steeled for the trials we all face
with deep roots of faith

May 1, 2008
Psalm 1
Psalm 1:3
Upper Room daily devotional

Green Pushing Out the Yellow

Their days of glory ending,
the green pushing out the yellow
still full living blooms
being driving out, interlopers
green leaves dismissing the petals,
the bright pure yellow
a carpet of canary
below the green pushing them out
their time in the sun
over, far too soon

May 1, 2008

A Line of Chartreuse Blooms

Chartreuse blooms, living for a week at most
maple trees lining Maple Street
little bells, like green lilies of the valleys,
bright yellow-green buttercups
bouquets shining in the April-May sun
Soon they will fall and the supple new leaves
will stiffen, turgid with Kelly green, darker hues
But for a regal moment, even the trees bloom
in vivid bright colors

May 1, 2008

Sanctifying Grace

Growing, living, acting out
the grace, the faith that lives within us
in piety, through study, by action
a natural response to the grace so freely given
Whether we have to go back to the start,
to the grace waiting for us before we know about it
when we stumble, and we will, knowing God
will bless us with his grace again and again
always ready for us to come home
always eager for us to want relationship
to grow in our faith, to share his love
to the whole world, to all the earth

May 1, 2008
Walk to Emmaus

Justifying Grace

Grace in the accepting, in the conversion,
in the repentant heart, seeing the failures,
the wrongness of human designs
Saying yes to the offer, the gift, the sacrifice,
relationship once more with the creator,
sharing the cup with the savior, being one
with the divine, as best we can
in that moment of saving
Not by our woks, never by our deeds
We fail, as all the people have failed
We need to grace, the gift, the sacrifice
of the cross, the blessing of Easter
to be brought home, by our opening the gift
and letting him into our hearts

May 1, 2008
Walk to Emmaus

Prevenient Grace

Divine living grace
swirling around us, watching us
as a father with a child
playing in the field
Waiting, watching, hoping
that the child would run back to him
would fall safely in his loving arms
Would turn from the world,
back to relationship with him
A loving God, desiring our faith
our wanting to be close to him
Longing for our turning
away from our earthly wills
to His grace, love for us
proven, made possible
by the sorry on Calvary
the joy of Easter morning
and the birthing on Pentecost

May 1, 2008
Walk to Emmaus

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Am Who I Choose To Be

A true statement, serious
an accurate reflection of consequences
the results of acts of free will
Maybe a bit cursory, too summary
this banner in the office vestibule
A mantra perhaps too soon
Would they really understand, comprehend
adequately appreciate, at their tender years,
eleven to maybe sixteen,
so sure of themselves, so doubting too
Years too few for reflection, for real insights
A banner, true of life, the story told in the book
the word, a God who gave us choices
and the fallout from the ones made,
starting in the garden, in that bit of paradise
A uncredited quotation, a belief
May they understand, even as we do not
may their road be easier in the knowledge
captured in the words, above the spot
that those in trouble sit

April 30, 2008
the words on the banner in the
McLaughlin Middle School main office,
Manchester, NH, above the seats
where those awaiting discipline sit

My Walk to Emmaus

A heavenly grace
rained on me there
on that dusty road to Emmaus
a grace I have seen in little bits and pieces
in the everyday and all around
but so much more so real, so vibrant
colors cascading on my
the voice of God
in the words of my brothers
burning in my heart
So meager are my words
so dimly lit in that blurred mirror
Oh if only God could give me the words
proclaim the blessings I have felt
on my Walk to Emmaus
and all the days since
Give me your words Lord
to share your love
to all the world

April 29, 2008
Luke 24:13-35
Walk to Emmaus
1 Corinthians 13

Explaining the Walk

Trying, without real success,
explaining the Walk to Emmaus
what it has meant to me,
the love I felt, the change it made
differences on levels I cannot explain
a closeness with God, with my savior
with my brothers in Christ
I never imagined; but cannot quantify
in words that are enough
Like the parables of Christ,
like the words the Apostle Paul
in that wonderful chapter
in the letter to the Corinthians,
I can explain only in part
in dull human words;
nowhere near the heavenly grace
that rained on me there

April 29, 2008
Walk to Emmaus
1 Corinthians 13

Speaking of My Faith

Sharing my story, of my faith
of my epiphanies, or lack there of
of a belief nurtured in youth, of straying
returning home, through that church
that community welcoming me,
showing love for a widow,
someone they did not know,
would never truly come to know
Being Christ for her in that moment of grief
loving her as they did
Growing in you, in your word
finding a home, a family, love
in the people of your church
But all unplanned, unscripted,
at least by my hand
Instead, feeling,
knowing the hand of the creator
guiding me, now that I have let Him in
Feeling the presence of grace
in my everyday life
Sharing my faith with others
in a different, a real way
speaking of my faith freely
honestly, without fear
of the love I have found
and the beliefs I need to share

April 29, 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Life Returned

Life returned, in our little garden
the little nurtured space
by our back door,
Fenced and planted
the bulbs in the soil
waiting for the snow to melt
for the sun to warm the ground
but life returned, in its fullness
when life giving water came
raining down on the parched earth
loosening the soil, nourishing
the tender shoots,
letting them live,
letting them grow
So it is with us,
we need good soil,
and sunlight;
but we need living water
to live in fullness

April 29, 2008

Turning While Parked

The car, sport utility vehicle,
an amber flash of light, staccato,
turning left, while parked
engine off, flashing left
wipers on in the parking lot
pushing the constant late-April showers
no one in the car
I wonder what they were doing
to race into the store
turning while parked
I hope the curb gets out of the way

April 29, 2008

Shopping While Hungry

Yup, I did it again;
went shopping while hungry
I even stood at the deli counter,
contemplating whether or not
I should buy a bit, a taste
of Lebanon bologna and liverwurst,
maybe a bit of strong swiss,
a slice or two of dark pumpernickel
a pickle from a barrel
But I didn’t buy those,
for only I would eat them
or so I would guess
A salad would suffice,
rich, bright tastes,
dancing together
soon on my tongue,
after I finish these lines
Oh I went shopping hungry
and the bill was a bit larger;
but I got what I wanted,
not just what was on the list

April 29, 2008

A Red Leaf in the Garden

It looked to be a leaf from last fall
bright red maroon burgundy maple
yes, it was a mix of those colors, not in parts
but a beautiful blended gift of the creator
gracing my return from the grocery store
a bit of wild color flashing amid the brown,
dead oak leaves, hummus of last year, becoming dirt
This tattered and frayed lone bit of fall
uncovered after the April showers
a stark contrast to the newborn green of spring
a friendly reminder of the cycle of nature
of the birthing, the growing, the glorious dying
a red leaf in the garden,
I think I will move it higher
for all to see

April 29, 2008

Seven Items

There were seven items
on the shopping list, two more
than she had told me to buy
Seven items, a quick in and out of the store
back to work in a twinkling;
but I went to the store hungry
and the refrigerator was oh so empty
And twenty-five items,
not counting the Kool Aide packets,
I left the store.
Now the fridge is full
and the laundry can get done
and I have a salad for lunch

April 29, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

Comfort in the Creator’s Arms

I take comfort, assurance
in the words of the psalm, the ancient truths
living in the book of the people
the story of our faith, of our lives
written, known to the creator
long before our first beating of our hearts
before we take out first breath
our first steps on this holy ground
The creator is molding us, creating us
each one of us, and we are all very good

April 28, 2008
Genesis 1
Psalm 139:7-16
Upper Room daily devotional

More than Random Chance

We are wonderfully made
unique in all the world, amazing creations
of the loving creator, worthy of grace
in our mere existence
We are more than random chance
atoms moving in space
We are the creations of the creator
the potter, the loving father,
the nurturing mother, the one
who organized the cosmos
and set the world on its axis
who separated the waters
and found it good
Who made us, wonderfully made
and found us very good

April 28, 2008
Genesis 1 and
Psalm 139:7-16
Upper Room daily devotional

Is Risen

Not rose, arose from the dead
rose from the dark cold tomb
Is risen, a living savior,
a present tense presence
Living in us, living at the right hand
the new body, the image of his human self
a man risen from the dead,
a son returned to the father
Our risen brother, victor over death
We proclaim not just his rising
He is risen, then and now

April 28, 2008
The "mystery of faith" from the Great Thanksgiving
versus the Apostle's Creed
Walk to Emmaus

In Our Midst

In fellowship, in communion
the community gathered, in celebration
He was in our midst, moving among us
radiating from our beings
The risen Christ present in this sanctuary
this holy space in community
the living church, not the building
the people of faith, disciples
not merely believers,
ministering to each other
Sharing the bread and the wine
in remembrance, in joy
at the table with our risen brother
sharing his meal

April 28, 2008
Walk to Emmaus

Christ is Risen

As a community, a congregation
in that holy place, that holy ground
as the body of Christ,
intoning the words, differently
as the heaven on earth, the glimpse of the kingdom
anticipating the heavenly banquet
the meal, a foretaste of the endless feast
saying the words in a special way
the mystery of our faith,
a living risen Lord, Emmanuel
God walking with us, now, in these present days
walking beside us, as we journey
as we seek to be Christ to our neighbor
to this troubled world, in need of hope
We believe, we spoke that belief
our voices together, speaking living stones
the body of Christ proclaiming his victory
presently felt, living in us today, this day
Sharing around the sanctuary, this humble space
this living room of God

April 28, 2008
The "mystery of faith" from the Great Thanksgiving
versus the Apostle's Creed
Walk to Emmaus

Wherever I Am

God is with me
wherever I am
even before I am born
watching my creation
as a potter at the wheel
a living vessel of his grace
his mercy, his love
wonderfully made
and known to God
before the first page
of my life begun

April 28, 2008
Psalm 139:7-16
Upper Room daily devotional

Wonderfully Made

An amazing creation
each one of us,
evidence, proof of a design
a living creator
molding us, breathing life
into the dust, the clay
the stuff of earth
Known by the creator, the potter
fashioned in the image
for the creator’s purposes alone
wonderfully made

April 28, 2008
Psalm 139:7-16
Upper Room daily devotional

To Each is Given

Each of us given, blessed, with gifts of the spirit
with wisdom, with preaching, with prophesy, with tongues
able to be the body of Christ, together
all needed, none extra, all worthy
to build up the community, to be the church
to fulfill his commission, our call in the world
travel to the ends of the earth
proclaiming his saving grace
the kingdom here on earth
and for all eternity
by the gifts we each are given

April 27, 2008
1 Corinthians 12:4-11
Upper Room daily devotional

The Same God

The same God, blessing each of us
with singular gifts, for us to use, to share
for the common good, as we are gifted
spiritual gifts, for the community
for the ministry, the continuation
the work begun by the savior, the apostles
transformed that Pentecost ‘morn
Serving as we are called, as we are able
each part of the body,
essential for the work,
being the hands, the feet
the love of God
the same God,
creator, savior and spirit
triune, from creation to the end of the age
with us always

April 27, 2008
1 Corinthians 12:4-11
Acts 2:1-12
Upper Room daily devotional

For the Common Good

We each are gifted, given spiritual gifts
the parts for the body, the hands, the feet, the ears,
the parts of the whole, all critical, all needed
in the service of the community,
the making the way smooth
the toiling in the vineyards, in the fields,
to bring the good news to the world
to be Christ for those we meet
all are needed, all are called
for the common good

April 27, 2008
1 Corinthians 12:4-11
Upper Room daily devotional

A Variety of Gifts

The wondrous gifts,
each given to a person
prophesy, wisdom, tongues
beyond comprehension
the spiritual gifts,
needed for the body
for the work of the kingdom
together essential, each worthy,
like the parts of the body
All are for the common good
for the glory of God

April 27, 2008
1 Corinthians 12:4-11
Upper Room daily devotional

Knowing My Days

The Lord knows me, my days
before they are lived out
My days written in the book of life
the preordained made human
acting out the predestined,
the ordered steps
of free will
A God who can give me choice
but knows the result, the consequences
the choices I will make
before I am even born

April 28, 2008
Psalm 139:7-16
Upper Room daily devotional

Wanting to be Flames

A larger, louder response
for the question, who wants to be a flame
Wanting to be the flames,
the Holy Spirit, touching, changing the disciples
wanting to be that holy wind,
emboldening, empowering,
transforming the followers,
into disciples
The joy of that day
in the flames of the spirit
creating the church

April 28, 2008
Acts 2:1-12
Pentecost; statements by several of the
Middle High Sunday School members
on who wants to be a disciple and
who wants to be a flame for our skit

I Will be a Disciple

a few, clear voices,
when asked if they want to be
flames or disciples
I will be a disciple
Somehow different
than I want to be a flame
something to marvel,
to wonder at, even this young
I will, not I want
a disciple, doubting,
timid, afraid,
being blessed, changed
by the touch of the Holy Spirit
as if by tongues of fire

April 28, 2008
Acts 2:1-12
Pentecost; statement by one of the
Middle High Sunday School members
on who wants to be a disciple and
who wants to be a flame for our skit