Friday, April 07, 2006

The First Human Voice

It was not one of His friends, one of His followers
that uttered His name for the first time
in this Good News
No, no one who loved Him
A foreign occupier, an oppressor
His executioner, the tool of God
the mechanic at the cross

After the veil was torn
Calling Him by His name
Who He was
The Son of God

A Centurion on his watch
saw what Peter and John
couldn’t see, didn’t name
Not Teacher, not Messiah;
The Son of God

A name spoken only before
by God, by He himself,
by silenced demons not of this world
Known at that moment first and clearly
by a Gentile, who believed, when he saw
The veil lifted from his eyes
a gift of clarity
for us to know

edited March 8, 2018
The First Human Voice – v2
after finding this poem in a list of my popular poems
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April 7, 2006 10:04
The First Human Voice
Mark 15:39

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