Saturday, March 22, 2008

His Voice

It was his voice, the master’s voice
which calmed her panic, her fears, her confusion
the empty tomb, the burial clothes on the ground
explained only by his voice, her master’s voice
fear not; I am risen; it is me Mary
I am going to the Father; I am not yet there
fear not; I am going before you
the voice of the shepherd, soothing the flock
protecting them, going before,
to make straight the way
Leading us to glory

March 22, 2008

The Dawn is Coming

The wait, the vigil, the darkness
is almost over, the veil is almost lifted
the dawn is coming, the resurrection is near
Jesus is rising from the dead, in the ancient story
he is risen, now, still, in heaven above
We are his and he is ours, our brother risen
on the throne with the father above
soon to return to judge
our risen savior
the stone is rolled away
He lives!

March 22, 2008

Without Easter

The cross, the sacrifice, the suffering
taking on our sins, to reconcile us to the creator
that is the story, of Maundy Thursday,
of the good, Good Friday.
But without Easter, the story is incomplete
unfinished, good but not triumphant
the lamb a sacrifice, the humble servant;
but not the king, the lamb upon the throne
We need Easter, the risen Lord,
vanquishing death, the tomb
Rising from grave, walking once more
with the disciples, believers, the faithful
Walking on the Road to Emmaus,
communing with them in the Upper Room
assuaging their fear before his ascension
preparing them for the Pentecost
laying the way for our future
as they would spread his word
to the ends of the earth
a story, ultimately that would be
Nothing without Easter

March 22, 2008

People of the Dawn

The dawn, bright, shocking
the tomb, empty
confusion, fear;
Where did our Master go?
Fear not, he is not here
He is risen!
He has beaten death!
Hallelujah! Christ is risen!
Christ is risen indeed!

March 22, 2008

Easter People

People not of the cross, the grave
we are the ones, dancing on Easter morning
joy comes in the rising, not in the sacrifice alone
the atonement yes; but the rising, the risen Lord,
living from that moment on the third day
Defeating sin and death, for all time
We rise, sing praises to the king,
bow and jump up
with the dawn
The tomb is empty!
The Savior lives!

March 22, 2008

Bring on the Morning

Oh, bring on the morning!
so we can shed our ashes, our sackcloth
rise with the Christ, He Is Risen!
The grave empty, the Messiah lives
walking among the disciples, sharing his grace
a balm to their souls, the beginning of our future
a risen savior, at the right hand of the creator
our breach sealed and death defeated

Oh, bring on the morning!
our lives renewed, our grief, our shame
cast to the side, our Savior lives
the sin that caused his pain,
washed clean;
He is shimmering white
our eyes turn to the Master’s voice
we are his sheep and he our shepherd

Oh bring on the morning!
the old is past and the new just begun
we are raised, we are risen
join the saints, the throng,
singing Hosanna,
all around the world
Christ the Lord is risen today
Oh, bring on the morning!

March 22, 2008

Sealing the Tomb

They thought they would stop the disciples
the tomb sealed, guarded by the soldiers
stop them from stealing the body,
false claims of prophesy fulfilled
Did they know what their scheme would mean
what they would discover,
what would be revealed in the morning?!
Another deceit exposed, the falseness of their piety
bound in the law, forgetting the love of the creator
revealed in the prophets, the story of the people
over and over throughout their story,
written and treasured still, the birth of our faith
Oh, bring on the morning!

March 22, 2008

Waiting for Easter

Unlike the first twelve,
the eleven disciples alive
after the crucifixion
the disciples unnamed.
we know the rest of his story
of our story, the future of the faithful
his rising, he is risen,
we will be with him in paradise
our faith will make it so
But today, we are low,
with the disciples waiting
for the morning

March 22, 2008

A Holy Saturday

Waiting, in prayer, for the final fulfillment
the raising from the dead, the Messiah in the grave
The tomb sealed by the authorities, guards stood watch
the disciples, confused, waited, despairing, hoping
Would the prophesy be made real
would he rise?
They waited. Lucky for us;
we know the rest of the story
revealed to them that first Easter ‘morn.

March 22, 2008

Praying in the Garden

Sweat, pouring like blood
off his furrowed brow
choosing the agony
death on the cross
Bowed low in prayer
in the garden
within the city walls
feeling the tempter once more
submitting to the father’s will
the fulfillment of the ancient word
His fate sealed in the scrolls,
the prophets of old
Thy will be done.

March 21, 2008
Maundy Thursday
Luke 22:39-44

As Bold

As bold as they became
through the birthing by the Spirit
the transformation on Pentecost
so were they scared, timid
on the Maundy Thursday, the Good Friday
wonder at the breaking of the break, sharing of the wine
gasp at the betrayal
scattered by his capture
despair at his condemnation
hurt in his flogging
lose all hope in his dying
mourn in his death
numb, dead as he was
in the cold new-hewn tomb

March 21, 2008
Maundy Thursday and Good FridayPentecost

Before the Flames

long before the flames of power
forty days on
they ran, scattered
before the religious authorities
timid sheep without a shepherd
followers still, not yet true disciples
nowhere to go, to run
Peter in the courtyard
denying the Messiah
Judas swinging on a tree
The maser before the judge and jury
twisted by jealousy, by station
blind to who he is
the scourge, the cross awaits
darkness in the afternoon
the earth shakes as his breath dies
Good Friday is here.

March 21, 2008
Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

As the Church Went Dark

Darkness closing in
as the candles went dead
piece of me wept
the weight of my sin
taking Christ through His Passion
Dimming light, head bowed
We are not worthy
of your love
Our Lord, struck, spat upon
thorns, vivid, pierced his brow
naked and whipped
Finally the cross
our hands drive
the angry nails
bind him to the rough-hewn wood
Darkness with his death
his lifeless body in the tomb

March 21, 2008
Service of Tenebrae,
Maundy Thursday
Sanbornville United Methodist Church,
3/20/08, Pastor Ruth L. Foss

We Are the Nails

ours are the hands who held his wrists
the crowd screaming to crucify
our sin the nails driven into his palms, his feet
We each carry a share, a piece, a lot
of the shame, the sin, the weight he carried
the price of redemption, by the law
meted out to one who was innocent
no fault found with him
But there he hung, on the nails of our sin
hanging on the cross, between criminals
whipped and beaten, mocked and spat upon
our humble savior, on our cross

March 21 and 22, 2008
Good Friday, 3/21/08
Wesley United Methodist Church,
Concord, NH

Holding the Nail

One of his nails
in my palm, square-cut, smooth metal
warming to my touch, held fast
Listening to the scriptures
his betrayal, trial, his pain
meaning washing over me
tears blur my vision, head bowed
nails hammered, dull, sharp
the sound echoes within my mind
my body shudders at the image
His body hangs on the cross
hanging on the nails

March 21, 2008
Good Friday, 3/21/08
Wesley United Methodist Church,
Concord, NH

Stripping the Church

Little by little
the things, the bible,
the cross, the candles
were carried out
taken from the chancel
out the center aisle
in the hushed sanctuary
His presence removed
in the loss of the moment
the disciples scattered
His fate in their hands
of the Sanhedrin, the High Priest
answering trumped-up charges
the church dimmed
as the light was removed
in the stripping of the church

March 21, 2008
Maundy Thursday, 2007, 2006, 2005
Wesley United Methodist Church,
Concord, NH

Friday, March 21, 2008

Mocking Words

Mocking words, of the blind
needing proof for their sight
forgetting the history of their people
the belief of Abraham,
the father of them all
Blind to his truth, who he was
present in their midst
the one from God
“Let him come down”
down from the cross,
shaking off the nails
Failing to see the scriptures
revealed before them
“we will believe”,
if we but see
Missing the entire point,
the focus of their lives -
Faith is in the unseen.

March 21, 2008
Matthew 27:1-61 (Good Friday)
Matthew 27:42 (“Let him come down, and we will believe”)

After Flogging Jesus

“after flogging Jesus”,
he was sent to be crucified;
but what a cryptic, banal
inconsequential piece of prose
What unspeakable pain, hurt
he suffered, the savior, the king,
the first-born of creation and Son of God
whipped, bleeding, tortured
before the ignominy, the shame
the death on the cross
Words cannot describe,
so why utter them, it would seem;
but we must be mindful,
what those three words mean
how much he gave for us
to be redeemed to the father
What a gift we do not deserve

March 21, 2008
Matthew 27:1-61 (Good Friday)
Matthew 27:26 (“after flogging Jesus”)

A Legacy of Blood

And so was the transference, the owning
the claiming of the death of the innocent
passed from the denial of Pilate
to all generations of Jews to come
raining scorn, division, a curse on themselves
casting lots with Pilate, winning of a sorts
bringing his blood, his death, upon their children
reaping a history of pain, in claiming the killing
of the Messiah they had hoped for
whom they couldn’t see when he lived

March 21, 2008
Matthew 27:1-61 (Good Friday)
Matthew 27:25 (his blood on us and our children)

Washing My Hands

He claimed no responsibility, no ownership
of the injustice, the unholy death
of the innocent man
Absolving himself,
washing the stain from his hands
cleaning the tattoo, as if he could,
with mere water
washing away the killing
of righteousness, expedient
to maintain order
sacrificing unblemished flesh
to the jackals in the courtyard
a curse brought upon himself
in trying to wash away the guilt

March 21, 2008
Matthew 27:1-61 (Good Friday)
Matthew 27:24 (washing my hands)

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Hope for the Sinners

He offered them, for us
hope for the sinners
even at the moment
of his own agony
Hearing their cries
for answers to their prayers
hope for the criminals
hanging on the cross
beside him, in judgment
hope of forgiveness, of grace
that we would see him
in paradise, on the day
of our own dying
With a word from the savior
one of them was saved
while on the wooden cross
There is the same hope
for us all, from the risen savior
living still, now,
at the right hand of God

March 21, 2008
Luke 23:32-43 and
mediation by Pastor Ruth L. Foss,
part of afternoon Good Friday service,
Wesley United Methodist Church,
Concord, NH 3/21/08

In Silence We Left

After the last candle,
the last of the story read
the darkness of the sanctuary
We left in silence

Listening once again
in the company of the faithful
to the ancient story
our savior’s sacrifice
at the end of a week
where he entered the city
in triumph
He gave himself
for us
we sat in silence

The betrayal by one of the twelve
submitting himself in the garden
to the will of the father
the denial by the rock
the mock trial
the sentence of death
the pain in the dying
the new hewn tomb
We were numb in silence

The light was extinguished
the darkness was cold
In silence we left

March 21, 2008
Service of Tenebrae,
Maundy Thursday
Sanbornville United Methodist Church,
3/21/08, Pastor Ruth L. Foss

A Holy Week

The king in celebration, on a donkey
entered the holy city, of his ancestor David
with palms and cloaks across the road,
hosannas and singing in the air
Confronting evil in the temple,
coming and going, to reach more people
Sharing the meal, the Passover meal,
in the upper room, with the disciples,
breaking bread, sharing the cup
transforming the mundane
making a new covenant
through his sacrifice
Betrayal and denial,
fear, prayer in the Garden
falling to the Father’s will
Handing himself over to the leaders
to the will of the masses, to Pilate
Scourged and mocked, a crown of thorns
The march to the skull, Golgotha,
The weight of the cross, the pain of the spikes
No air on the cross, bitter wine
darkness, alone, death, the grave
A Holy Week, to bring us back to God

March 21, 2008

A Holy Friday

Good Friday, in its meaning
not in the doing of the evil
wrought by human hands that day
God in the flesh, holy, righteous
stained by false accusation,
by blind leaders, unable to hear, to believe
that He was the one, the one for whom they waited
the Messiah, killed by their hand
But, it was foretold, ordained,
long before any of them lived
God’s holy purpose in the walk that week
from the triumphant entrance
to the skull, the cross, the tomb
Ridicule and desertion,
pain and submission, alone in the world
God upon the cross, sacrificing himself
for all of our sin, throughout the age

March 21, 2008

A Holy Thursday

Without the Thursday,
without the Friday
There could be no
Sunday miracle
A holy Thursday
carrying out God’s plan
fulfillment of prophesy
completion of the path
of the creator, the savior
the Messiah, born holy and human
anointed in the Jordan
teaching, healing, feeding
far more than five thousand
giving life in the holy water
bearing witness to God’s love
so it was on that holy Thursday
washing their feet, being a servant
breaking the bread, sharing the wine
himself a new sacrifice, the lamb
praying in the Garden, submitting to your will
giving himself over to the betrayer
to the blind leaders of the people
handing himself over, to human judgment
condemnation, crucifixion
to fulfill all

March 21, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Washing All Their Feet

Even the betrayer, the one who shared the bowl
who would give him over to man
even him, Christ washed their feet
humbling himself before the meal,
before the breaking of the bread,
the pouring of the wine
the conversion of the Passover
into the first communion
the covenant of his blood
He too was washed, but not made clean
taking the morsel, and the pieces of silver
fulfilling his role, betrayer
Turning him over to death

March 20, 2008
John 13
Matthew 26:17-75
Alive Now daily devotional for 3/20/08
Luke 22:14-23, 39-42
Upper Room daily devotional for 3/20/08

Who Dips the Bread in the Bowl

Dipping the bread, his body
into the wine, his blood
so was the betrayer, the one
who gave him over
One who had shared in his ministry
the work, for so many years
so many days at the master’s feet
Destined for betrayal, an instrument
a vehicle for fulfillment
Overt, where the others ran,
denied their shepherd
turned away from his voice
A brother, the betrayer,
“surely not I, rabbi”.
“So you say.”

March 20, 2008
Matthew 26:17-75
Alive Now daily devotional for 3/20/08
Luke 22:14-23, 39-42
Upper Room daily devotional for 3/20/08

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Maundy Thursday

Closing the chapter of ministry,
of the training of the disciples
he gave them the gift
of himself, in the breaking of the bread
in the sharing of the wine
submitting to the Father’s will
in the Garden of Gethsemane
and turning himself over
to the betrayer and those
who would judge him
Disciples too, fulfilled the scripture
in scattering to the wind
when the shepherd was caught
sheep without the safety
of the rod, the staff
undone by their fear
a night like no other
in the history of the world
The savior before the tribunal
who could not see

March 20, 2008


The calendar marks the beginning
the start of a new season of life
a warming of the world, my part anyway,
melting of the endless winter snows
the coming of the robin, the crocuses,
greening of the morning, brightening skies
rebirth in its season, filling the air
with fragrance of the flowers
not the cold of winter
Oh how I smiled, when I saw the notation
spring is here, let us rejoice, throw off the covers
and dance for the morning
the long winter is ending
and the color scheme is shifting
coats can be set aside soon
and yards will need to be mowed
spring is here!

March 20, 2008

Five Years Later

Five years later,
after countless loss,
deep sacrifice,
of those who answered the call
we are still at war
still fighting the enemy
entrenched in the land
a shattered vase, held together
by will, by hate, by hope
forces outside and tension within
a land ancient, a cradle of civilization
the Tigris and Euphrates
the land of Ur, of Abraham
a land of tyrants and madmen
in the swirling sand of the desert
the wealth in the oil,
the schisms of the Shia, the Sunni
the Kurds to the north
a land of tribal loyalty
a crucible for chaos
where we have been battling
Swift victory and stagnant struggle
five years later, more blood,
more treasure to pay
before any resolution
at all, for good or for evil
we are there still

March 20, 2008
March 19, 2008 marked the 5th anniversary
of the start of the Iraq War

Monday, March 17, 2008

Only to be Faithful

“I ask you only to be faithful”
such was the message,
an embodiment of grace
real-world grace of God
living in the words the minister heard
by the Sea of Galilee, easing
a balm to his troubled soul
message from God
of what he asks,
for what he has always asked
from the beginning of the covenant
written on stone, on the hearts of man
that we would be loyal,
that we would be faithful
that our hearts,
our lives would be changed
in loving relationship
with our God, our Father
that we would heed the call
the call of the Lord for our lives
that we would go where he sends us
and do all for His glory

March 17, 2008
Walk to Emmaus
Sanctifying Grace

Imparted Righteousness

Growing, changing, maturing
in our lives, in our faith
drawing the living water
into our waking breath
ordering our steps,
walking through the narrow gate
joining Christ in the yoke
leaving our past behind
new creations
following our brother’s example
in the lives we lead
from the moment
we turn to the Father

March 16, 2008
Walk to Emmaus
John 14:12
Sanctifying Grace

Imputed Righteousness

Righteousness of the moment
in the moment we believe
when our faith presents itself
allows our feet to move
and our hearts to change
to say yes to the calling
of the Spirit, the urging of our heart
to begin anew, as new creations
the journey of our lives
walking anew with our creator
walking in his son’s sandals

March 16, 2008
Walk to Emmaus
Genesis 15:6, Romans 4:3, Galatians 3:6
Justifying Grace
Sanctifying Grace

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day of Fire

“Day of Fire”
that is what the white lettering
on his black t-shirt said
I don’t know what the maker meant
for me to see in those words
But, here in church,
I see the birth of the church, Pentecost
a day of fire, of flames changing
the history of the world
commissioning timid followers
into bold disciples, missionaries
charged to save each human soul
across the face of the globe, across
the sands of time
Good news spread like a brush fire
through the centuries after that
singular day of fire

March 16, 2008
Wesley United Methodist Church,
Concord, NH, Rejuvenation service
Pentecost, Acts 2:1-12

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For God’s Holy Purpose

Out of our love, the recognition
of the miracle of God’s grace,
his saving and renewing grace
we are to strive to live
for God’s holy purpose,
not out of a sense of duty
an obligation we are forced to bear
As a gift given in response
to an awesome gift,
unmerited and unearned
never to be able to repay
we are to be changed creations
living a new life,
within the vine
bearing worthy fruit
for His glory

March 16, 2008
Walk to Emmaus
Sanctifying Grace

All of my poems are copyrighted by Raymond A. Foss, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. All rights reserved. Contact me at Ray Foss for usage. See all 30,790+ of my poems at Poetry Where You Live.

More Promise than Order

Oh, if we could but follow these simple words,
to love our neighbor, to love our God,
so much more promise than order
these are the words of the ancient law,
the rules of the covenant written on tablets of stone
words boiled down to their essence, not a numbered list;
but two golden rules, echoed by the living God
God with us, in the flesh, teaching on the mountain
in the temple, by the sea, going to the people
to impart the spirit, not merely the letter of the law
to give meaning, life to the words chiseled by God
inscribing them in the good news of the savior
walking with the disciples here on earth
connecting us with the divine
leaving lessons of simple truth
we struggle to live each day
so we aspire, out of love, out of recognition
of the gifts he bestowed on us
to change, to grow, to preach
to reach to the ends of the earth
to change the world, for his glory

March 16, 2008
Walk to Emmaus
Sanctifying Grace
Deuteronomy 6:5, Leviticus 19:18,
Luke 10:25-37

You Shall

You shall, love the Lord, your neighbor
reconciliation in the words
to the father, the creator,
to our brother, our sister
a way to live our lives,
different from our past
the ways of the world
to be holy, humble
in our walk on the earth
you shall, a promise
more than an order
a hope for the world

March 16, 2008
Walk to Emmaus
Sanctifying Grace
Deuteronomy 6:5, Leviticus 19:18,
Luke 10:25-37

“Cleanse me from my sin”

“Wash me Lord, of all of my sin,
my iniquity, my shame, my memory
I repent of my sin, of my past”
And so it is with sanctifying grace,
for God remembers our sin no more
and we may set that load down
and carry it no more.
We can cast off that heavy burden
and come into the kingdom
free from the ache of the past
set free to walk free
to be the servant we would be
if we could move beyond,
that which we claim no more

March 16, 2008
Walk to Emmaus
Sanctifying Grace
Psalm 51:2

Life in the Vine

Nurtured in the vine
living, growing, bearing fruit
while connected, the branches with the stem
the root deeply planted, anchored to the earth
the good rich soil, the fertile ground
growing while part of the vine
the blood of the stem, the branches
coursing together
bearing fruit for the world
not for the vine; but living
while each branch is grafted,
a part of the living vine

March 16, 2008
Walk to Emmaus
Sanctifying Grace

Promise of Easter

(not the gloom of Good Friday)

We marvel, we hope, for the coming of the Lord
in final victory, for we are the Easter people
those we rejoice at the promise of the empty tomb
the fulfillment of the prophets, of scripture
the resurrection, the commissioning, the ascension
We are the people of the rising, not the death,
the sacrifice. We are the morning, not the darkness
we rise for He is risen, joyous in the reconciliation
the union with God once more,
possible because He is risen from the dead

March 16, 2008
Walk to Emmaus

Offered in Love for Your Glory

Such a wonderful way
to explain the essence of a spiritual gift,
as we all have things we are good at,
talents, interests, that seem special
but it is the motivation, the purpose, the reason
that makes the change, the not so subtle difference
if a talent is offered, given by us, in love
offered for God’s glory,
it has become a spiritual gift
an offering to our neighbor, to our God

March 16, 2008
Walk to Emmaus

Being the Good News

We are called to walk in a new way
to be the good news, of the risen savior
reflecting the image of Christ
to the ends of the earth,
his light, cutting through the darkness
wherever we go, in whatever place
we find ourselves, on the walk of life
to consciously live out our faith, our creed
to humbly serve God in all we do
loving our neighbor as He first did

March 16, 2008
Walk to Emmaus

By the Sea of Galilee

He took us there, beside the Sea of Galilee
walking by the shore, sitting and pondering life
where Jesus had walked, the ancient jetty,
the same water, the same sea the disciples fished
communing with God under the starry sky
asking the questions of a soul hurting,
of purpose and call, of passion and longing
to be your servant, in a more personal way
walking by the Sea of Galilee,
hearing the master in the silence
that voice still calling to the faithful
still healing those in pain
with his presence with us

March 16, 2008
Walk to Emmaus
Sanctifying Grace

Reconciled to Him

For we were born in his image,
when we fell, we needed your grace,
restore the image of God
through the coming of Christ
being the sacrifice we owed for the sin
so we must only accept this gift
this grace of God, heaped on us
reconciled to him by the humble walk
of the obedient son, even to death
bringing us back to God

March 16, 2008
Walk to Emmaus
Sanctifying Grace

Claimed by God

A named member
the family of God
we each are claimed by God
brought back into relationship
reconciled to our loving father
as at the beginning of the world’s story
and with numbered days, known
before we take our first breath
Never giving up on us,
never turning away
Hands outstretched, reaching
for us, always
Ready when we reach,
each time we fall

March 16, 2008
Walk to Emmaus
Sanctifying Grace

All the Rest of Our Lives

Having been claimed, received
into the loving arms of our creator
we walk, all the rest of our lives,
forever changed, a new creation
a new being in Christ
a light to the world, aspiring
walking humbly, with mercy
love for all the world
by our words and our deeds proclaimed
brother, sister, heirs with the risen son
by grace alone saved
over and over again

March 16, 2008
Walk to Emmaus
Sanctifying Grace

In Believing

In believing, we are changed
ever transformed, different beings
adopted into the priesthood,
called to holy living, to projecting
the living image of God
in the world, in our times
to walk humbly, not out of obligation,
as if works bore a prize a reward,
to love the Lord, desire to spread his love
be an embodiment of his grace
within our hearts, with our hands,
lifting our voices with the saints before us
fight for justice, hope for the future
walk, day by day
for his glory

March 16, 2008
Walk to Emmaus
Sanctifying Grace

Denying Him

Fearing the guards, the judgment
the authorities, in the Temple
denying his shepherd, his master,
the humble Messiah
Accused, condemned
He denied Him,
“I do not know him”
the rock,
denying the cornerstone
perhaps for a purpose,
the epiphany of recognition
of what he had done

March 16, 2008
Matthew 26:69-75 and sermon,
“Peculiar Treasures V: Peter’s Denial”,
by Rev. Peter Hey,
Wesley United Methodist Church,
Concord, NH, 3/16/08