Friday, May 05, 2006

Words of Power

Vision, mission, goals, and tasks
action words, of power
of purpose
defining who we aspire to be
what we must do
how we will carry it out over time
in this place now
A pyramid of thought
putting feet to His promise
Christ’s work
in love
spreading the seed, the message
with the blessings of the Holy Spirit

In the vineyard, in the field
the troubled world,
hard soil, granite ledge,
and good rich soil
the soil of a young heart
an open heart
old members and new-born hope
white and black, yellow and brown
together striving
to do His will
in this place
held in our care
for this season

edited March 8, 2018
Words of Power – v2
after finding this poem in a list of my popular poems
on Literary Devices site about my poetry
May 5, 2006 11:43
Words of Power

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