Saturday, March 10, 2012

The lie we must earn everything

We are taught a lie
over and over in life
we must work for what we want
we must earn everything
all of what we believe
the sense of our nation, our self
all built on that lie
relying on the self

God gives us freely
the greatest gift of all
what we desire most
the desire of our hearts
to walk with the Lord
to rise to paradise

Nothing we will ever earn in life
giving by grace alone
the price paid by another
our brother, the risen Christ
giving all for us,
bearing the cross for us

March 10, 2012
Worship Theme: promises with a price. . .
Mark 8:31-38
Genesis 17:1-10
Romans 4:16-25
Mark 8:29
Matthew 11:28
John 3:16
Call to Worship (Psalm 105:1-3)
Unison Prayer
Prayer of Dedication (GBOD Mark 8:31-38)
The Great Thanksgiving for Early in Lent
and sermon, “The Foolishness of God”

by Pastor Ruth Foss
A Handmaiden of the Lord
Suncook United Methodist Church
Suncook, NH

Second Sunday in Lent
March 4, 2012

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