Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Seeds of Revolt

A groundswell, a crack in the dyke
seeds of revolt, in their words, their resolve
Unwilling to be silent, to deny the will of God
They would continue, to speak the name of Christ
to witness to the people, in the Temple, in the city
the streets, the fields, in the dark places
to tell of his love, his sacrifice, the gift of God
Ordinary people, healing in the name of Christ
sowing seeds of revolution, planting a field of hope

September 21, 2008
Psalm 8,
Acts 4:13-17,
Call to Worship, from Book of Common Worship,
Unison Prayer, from The Worship Sourcebook,
and sermon, “Every Day People”, by
Pastor Ruth L. Foss,
Suncook United Methodist Church

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