Saturday, November 05, 2011

Guide Me to Your Waters

Heap me with your blessings
let me hear your word
your voice calling to me
come, follow me
Guide me to your waters
let me be filled
drenched with your goodness
oh let me be filled
Filled to overflowing
let me ever share
the gifts of the Spirit
the love living there
Let me give completely
let me hold nothing back
let me be emptied
let me be filled again

November 5. 2011
starting with birthday wishes to Cheryl Meachen
November 2, 2011
Genesis 1:26
Daniel 3:25
John 10:30
John 10:22-42
John 4:26
John 10:24-26
Bible study with Jean Anocibar November 1, 2011
recap of readings from John 10 read last week
John 10:1-21
The Good Shepherd and His Sheep
John 10:22-42
Further Conflict over Jesus’ Claims

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