Wednesday, November 02, 2011

This is the Christ

He may not have said the words
in their presence
only to the woman
at the well of Jacob
But they knew
what they did not believe
the words of John
in the wilderness
standing in the Jordan
so important to the people
near to Jerusalem
in Bethany by the waters
“This is the Christ”
this is what he said
they knew full well
no one else needed to say
he himself could be silent
else judgment, blasphemy
the words he could not speak
until the appointed hour
his time not yet come
because they would not believe

November 2, 2011
John 10:40-42
John 4:26
John 1:19-26
John 1:29-34
John 1:35-36
Bible study with Jean Anocibar November 1, 2011
recap of readings from John 10 read last week
John 10:1-21
The Good Shepherd and His Sheep
John 10:22-42
Further Conflict over Jesus’ Claims

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