Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Because They Died – v3

Not for the barbecues
a day off from work, from school,
the yard work, the beach
more time to goof off
to focus on ourselves

Choosing to serve
this land that they loved
paying so dearly
with the cost of their lives

Because they died
because they served
sacrificed for us
going in our place
some paying the ultimate cost

Our freedoms we celebrate
especially this time of the year
in writings and in courage
this land that we hold dear

Stopping today
at parades or memorials
to honor their service
they and their loved ones
giving so much for all of us

edited November 11, 2014
Because They Died – v3

Veteran’s Day
edited May 25, 2014
Because They Died – v2
May 31, 2010
Because They Died
Memorial Day

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