Sunday, December 27, 2015

a virus, spreading – v4

There is a virus, spreading
a cancer metastasized
There may be one body of the snake
in radical ideology, in a perverted faith
but there are many heads, outbreaks,
eruptions of this same sickness
the venom, the poison spreading;
A whole world infected
with the disease of terror
many names are given,
but the seeds the same
manifestations of this violence
terror in the streets

edited December 27, 2015
a virus, spreading – v4
(merging edits to version 3 and version 2)
edited December 27, 2015
a virus, spreading – v3
(editing original)
edited December 10, 2015
The snake of terror – v4
(editing version 3)
edited December 9, 2015
a virus, spreading – v2
edited December 4, 2015
The snake of terror – v3
December 2, 2015
a virus, spreading
edited November 29, 2015
The snake of terror – v2
November 29, 2015
many heads, many names, of the snake
November 28, 2015
just faces of evil
November 28, 2015
The snake of terror
November 28, 2015
whatever its name
Post 11/28/15 by Hamidou Yaya
“Fallen Cameroonian soldiers from
the battle against terrorism. "Brave soldiers,
you paid the ultimate price but your fight will not be in vain.
We will keep fighting until the complete eradication
of this cancerous group called boko haram"
Allez et que la terre de nos ailleux vous
soit eternellement legere. La lutta continua”
My response 11/28/15
“unfortunately the snake of terrorism has many heads”
and his response back 11/28/15
I totally agree with you Ray. The body of that snake can well be
in the Middle-East, but the heads are probably in all the continents

edited October 3, 2014
when hate claims to be Muslim – v3
edited September 30, 2014
when hate claims to be Muslim – v2
edited/new September 30, 2014
when hate claims to be Muslim
International Coalition of Muslim Scholars Refute ISIS' Religious Arguments in Open Letter to al-Baghdadi
see 17-page letter itself
edited September 30, 2014
when hate claims to be Christian – v2
edited/ new September 30, 2014
when hate claims to be Christian
post by John Makokha
My dear brother and pastor, why can't you preach the gospel of love
rather than that of hate, malice, prejudice and discrimination.
When Ebola strikes America where will you hide?
I will continue praying for God's intervention in
your heart and mind. God is LOVE.”
in response to article
Christian broadcaster: Ebola could cleanse US of atheists, gay people, and sluts
August 17, 2014
He says he is a Christian
praying about Ferguson, Missouri after Michael Brown
shooting and its aftermath showing again the racism
in America and how far we have to go to achieve the
Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.’s
“I Have A Dream” speech as a reality in this country
report that New Empire Knights (KKK) were raising money
for a reward for the officer who killed Michael Brown
and seeing the label “Christian, Husband, Father and Klansman
on Wordpress profile.
Edited October 1, 2013
“When Hate Claims Christ’s Name – v4”
(editing original again)
Edited August 11, 2013
“When Hate Claims Christ’s Name – v3”
Written July 4, 2012
“When Hate Claims Christ’s Name”
"All White Christian" convention being held in Lamar County this week
John 17:6-19
Christ’s prayer for his disciples
John 17:20-25
Christ’s prayer for all believers
Sermon 7 of “All My Days: A Summer of Prayer”
Summer Sermon Series on Prayer
Green Bead – Your Special Concern
children’s message
-          Mystery Box – picture of our cat Moe sleeping
-          God wants us to be at rest, at peace
by Pastor Ruth Foss
and sermon, “A Weight Upon the Heart”
by Pastor Ruth Foss
sermon blog
meditation blog
“God’s Whisper” blog
Stetson Memorial United Methodist Church
August 17, 2014

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