Saturday, July 05, 2014

Be patient in affliction - 2

Stuff happens, it’s a fact of life,
God didn’t promise
heaven here on earth
at least not yet, as far as I understand it
we are to be joyful, trusting in His promise
Be patient in affliction, because it will come
this journey is hard sometimes
but we already have the blessing
Christ rose, God saved us
from eternal damnation
so be patient, be righteous
share the blessing
God created you for a purpose
to build up the Kingdom.

July 5, 2014
Be patient in affliction - 2
Romans 12:11-13
“Service in Worship”
“[…] Okay, so life isn’t fair! What else is new?
Suck it up! You are a child of God […]”
devotion by Phil Robertson
for July 5, 2014
read July 5, 2014
Romans 12:2
“Your Life As Worship”
devotion by Phil Robertson
for June 30, 2014
read June 30, 2014
Duck Commander Daily Devotional
compiled by Alan Robertson

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