Saturday, July 05, 2014

Challenging Our Understanding – v2

Even today, as we celebrate,
the independence of our nation
our people separated
freed of the oppression
the tyranny of another age
the preeminent kingdom
the world’s superpower
of that time and place.

Christ’s message still ringing
powerfully in our ears
calling us from our comfort
to see our neighbors
all the peoples of the earth
through their eyes looking upon us
the Rome of this age, the superpower
when the Messiah spoke these worlds
as England was when we threw off their yoke.

Challenging our understanding
the nature of freedom,
of responsibility,
of our calling as a nation
as a people of faith
living in community
the eyes of the world upon us
as we walk on the earth.

edited July 4, 2014
Challenging Our Understanding – v2
July 3, 2010
Challenging Our Understanding
Matthew 5:1-13
and email, “Notes from Peter” (Hey)
received July 1, 2010
“This Sunday my sermon is titled “Pursuing More Than Happiness,”
and it is based on Matthew 5:1-13. If you have a few minutes to read
this passage of scripture prior to attending the service, you might get
a little more out of the sermon. In this sermon, I want to challenge us all
to live with greater intentionality and to find deeper levels of meaning
for our lives. Instant gratification can be the enemy of faithful living.
Intentionality is the path to blessedness.”
Wesley United Methodist Church
Concord, NH
July 4, 2010
Independence Day

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