Thursday, July 03, 2014

Quartermaster - v2

Corner store,
Hole in the wall,
loaded for every purpose
a catch-all of sorts
all you need

A story of Storyville and how it’s
done down in the Big Easy
Inspectors and the men in blue
On the make, on the take
Look the other way for a stake

Brash and bare
owner and soapbox,
Ready audience –
Transplanted northerner,
interested transient
on the edge of the seat

Bag of cold crawdads
Spicy and fresh, ready
Twist and eat, such fingers
Carcasses in the drum by my feet
Drinking in the yarn, the tale,
Of the storyteller.

edited July 3, 2014
Quartermaster – v2
10/1/04 22:50

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