Saturday, January 12, 2019

Darks, Whites, and … Pinks – v3

A routine task made different
with three little girls in the house
For a man who learned
laundry “skills” in college,
long before boys took Home Ec.

Back then we were lucky
when the laundry room was empty
when there was more
than a single load of clothes
(that didn’t cause a washer to tilt)

Now with a four, five, and nine year old
(or so they were back then),
a cluster of little princesses,
It is darks, whites, brights, and pinks
when I sort their clothes

Separate baskets, separate settings,
handling, for pink clothes,
for “dry clean only”–
Capris, and “blouses”, and skorts,
Oh My!

edited January 12, 2019
Darks, Whites, and Pinks – v3

edited June 15, 2014
Darks, Whites, and Pinks – v2
Father’s Day
4/20/06 3:00pm
Darks, Whites, and Pinks

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