Saturday, May 21, 2011

God’s Plan Unfolding - 2

Maybe we are closer
living in the end times
more of the signs unfolding
God’s plan seemingly revealed

But all of the things to happen
coming in God’s time
not for us to know
only to be faithful

Living out God’s calling
using the gifts we have been given
trusting in our Savior
leaving all to God

We are to share his message
the urgency of now
for we know not the time
and tomorrow may be too late

God will come
just as he promised
fulfilling his covenant
healing the whole earth

The work already finished
as Christ said on the cross
but the gathering in God’s time
praying none will be lost

May 21, 2011
The Day and Hour Unknown
Mark 13:32-37
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Mark 13:1-31
Matthew 25:31-46
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Matthew 25:1-10
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Matthew 6:25-34
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Matthew 28:18-20
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Luke 24:13-35
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Luke 15:11-32
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Mark 10:17-31
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