Friday, October 10, 2014

Sticky Clay – v3

To be sticky clay
not too far gone, hardened,
still wet, supple, giving,
in the hands of the Potter
malleable to His touch
fingered by His hands
ready for His direction

Going back on the wheel,
my choice, my submission
Seeking His guidance
the Spirit leading
conformed to Him
changing my life around
that I would follow Christ

edited October 10, 2014
Sticky Clay – v3

edited August 28, 2014
Sticky Clay – v2
September 3, 2010
Sticky Clay
Jeremiah 18:1-11
Jeremiah 16:10-20:18
Heartlight’s Straight Through Bible Study
for August 27, 2010, read September 2, 2010
Isaiah 56:6-8
Isaiah 55:1-60:9
Heartlight’s Straight Through Bible Study
for August 20, 2010, read August 30, 2010
earlier poem
In the Potter’s Hands

I am clay in the potter’s hands
Mold me, shape me, make me
What you will of me
Use me for your purposes
Imbue me with the skills, the spirit
To serve where you would have me serve
Performing the services you would intend
Wherever you would send me
However you would will me
To send me forth
From this space, this place
Into the world
As your servant, your son
Your child, in your image,
The image of your son,
Our brother, our example,
Our savior, like us clay
Held in the potter’s hands

September 3, 2007 15:05
In the Potter’s Hands
Jeremiah 18:1-11

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