Friday, November 02, 2018

Palmetto – v2

A slower pace
On the Banks
Palmettos sway
Translucent green
Or tawny papyrus
brown, weathered
A northerner
Away from the beach

Under the cabana
Shade, drink, a stack of books
Novels, mysteries –
Spencer novels
Luxuriate in the chaise

Summer reading
To while the hours
In the warm
Without watch or watcher
To steal the mood

Bare feet in the sand
A motion over the book
A cord of pelicans slid by
Through heat waves
Muting the horizon

Warm water,
Flush with jellyfish
Twinges around ankles
Not refreshing
Slippery water
Saw grass sings
From sand in the breeze
A smell of summer
Before the palmettos
By their house

edited November 2, 2018
Palmetto – v2

March 23, 2004

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