Saturday, November 03, 2018

String of Pearls – v2

Foggy morning
On the Vineyard
In Aquinnah
Wet chair, hot coffee
Sip in the heat
Shake the daze

Camera and film
At the ready
Over my shoulder; let’s go
Sandals snap as I walk
In the early morning
Before the island awakes

Misty morning
Silent witness
Full of promise
For a skilled watcher
Moving stalker
Of moment and place

Wet green
Color scheme
Lush, summer
Looking for a web
Adorned with moisture
Ready to pose

A string of pearls
There before me
Hovered before a backdrop
A perfect set up
Bowed by the wait
Of the night

A long cord
Tacky to hold the drops
As dew was conjured in the dark;
My reflection in each as I approached
To steal the scene
With close-up lens

Centered and balanced
Enlarged and framed
Hovering now
On my wall
To conjure the moment
On that path
Years ago

November 3, 2018
String of Pearls – v2

May 20, 2004
String of Pearls

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