Saturday, November 17, 2018

Peter – v2

Calloused hands
hearty handshake
Bright eyes
and easy smile
consumed his face
His whole body
Hug, warm embrace

Brothers we are
Mi Amigo, and
confidante, through
struggle, the trials,
of life, day to day
transitions we each
faced, amid the routine.

Knowing the other’s story
from our own path,
our own journey.
Parallel tracks in the sands
But our own too,
to add color and spice
to the banter, the joust.

edited November 17, 2018
Peter – v2

8/7/04 18:16
Peter Husak
Franklin Pierce Law Center
Concord, NH
edited November 17, 2018
Blank Indorsement – v2
8/7/04 17:56
Blank Indorsement
edited November 17, 2018
Pur Autre Vie
Started 6/27/2004, 16:01 – 1st 3 lines
Appended July 3, 2004 16:47
Pur Autre Vie
Edited November 16, 2018
Not Done – v2
7/11/04 14:36
Not Done
to preemptively answer the question of Shoshanna and Elizabeth, who keep asking me every time I go to church if I have taken my Bar Exam yet…

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