Sunday, May 05, 2013

Hearing Our Story – v2

Shared by her, in her language
our story, of all people
around the fire, in the circle

Meaning within her story
for the four elements,
fire, water, air and earth,

The four peoples
white, black,
yellow and red.

Part of her tradition
long before the races met
interconnection and balance

With peoples, within
the elements, the earth
all precious in our Creator’s sight

Edited May 5, 2013
“Hearing Our Story – v2”
Title 8/7/07, poem August 12, 2007 15:36
“Hearing Our Story”
On the words of Thunderbird Turtle Woman,
Our mission trip,
from Wesley United Methodist Church,
Concord, NH and from First United Methodist Church,
Hudson, MA to Jacksonville and Machias, ME
to the Down East Maine Mission,
Jacksonville United Methodist Campground,
East Machias, ME

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