Friday, May 10, 2013

Unique Within Creation – v2

The devotional asked, posed,
a different, a challenging question,
asking how I am “unique in creation”

A thought not easily answered in simple terms
our DNA, our fingerprints may be unique;
but what of our experience, our thoughts,
our dreams for our future. I am
created, molded, evolving
everything I have seen, tasted, smelled,
heard, felt; everything I have done,
everything I have chosen not to do.

My mother’s son, my wife’s husband,
father to my girls. Poet, attorney, prophet,
accountant, neighbor, and more.

I am unique in creation
because I exist and just as God
is found in the great I Am,
a statement of ownership, of being
so we, each of us, born in the image,
more than mere flesh, our clay
alive, an embodiment
the image of God, each I, is unique.

Edited May 6, 2013
“Unique Within Creation – v2”
August 5, 2007 22:58
“Unique Within Creation”
Our mission trip,
from Wesley United Methodist Church,
Concord, NH and from First United Methodist Church,
Hudson, MA to Jacksonville and Machias, ME
to the Down East Maine Mission,
Jacksonville United Methodist Campground,
East Machias, ME

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