Monday, May 29, 2006

Boldness of the Spirit

Four books of sheep,
timid, unsure followers
fearful and obtuse about the incredible journey
their role, these fishers of men
the first to hear the master’s voice,
the good shepherd, the narrow gate,
the light of salvation
Lifted by tongues of fire
infused with power
emboldened with the will to speak,
to bear witness
with new-found wisdom
and backbone of the Spirit
coursing through their veins
transforming sheep to shepherds
followers into disciples
Boldly proclaiming the Good News
to the ends of the world
inexplicably, without hindrance
Continued by each new generation
in its own terms, in its own time
for us in this place

5/28/06 8:51pm
Acts 2:1-36 and 4:8-31
Pentecost and the bold preaching of the original disciples

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