Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Popcorn Experiment

College was wasted on the lot of us
at least in that moment
or maybe it was the intoxication
of a rainy night in the dorm
freshmen year, or maybe the next,
an experiment that shouldn’t have been started
gone horribly wrong

A round electric popcorn popper
sat innocently on the shelf in his room
a bunch of mad scientists
a motley band
decided to take it out for a test
the domed hood was left where it lay
this was a night for risk
let Caution heed her own wind

Who needs a drop cloth?
What could go wrong?
a liberal pool of oil
a pile of corn
A spark of electricity
a round of Molson
And abracadabra

Mayhem and mirth
We had a blast in the moment
dodging hot kernels and fluffy missiles
We had our fun
But a dorm damage bill
awaited each of us
for the BIG round grease stain
that may still be there
Hope mom doesn’t read this
and remember that bill…

June 6, 2006 11:33pm

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