Saturday, October 21, 2006


Standing in the cold
with those who knew you more
those I know who wear the badge
who fight the fight you fought
being there for all of us
in the streets, out in the darker places
the trying places in our land
our city, our neighborhoods

Knowing where you fell, how close to home
how near we all are to chaos
how separate we let ourselves be
when we are still so connected

Seeing you, your flag
the fallen one
echoes of your life

Watching your comrades, your brethren
the thin blue line, stretching down the street
past the station in front of me,
row on row of men and women
on and on they came
to pay respect, tribute, honor

Those who risk all for us
each day, each shift,
each step on the beat,
into the breach
dark places where
we would
not go

October 21, 2006 16:11
Officer Michael Briggs funeral

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