Thursday, March 22, 2007

Walking into Unknowns

A precipice, a cliff,
critical decision point,
without a plan, a road map
assurances, guarantee
Needing to go beyond
the edge, steady ground
the common, the known
out onto open space
Believing the possible
within the impossible
That the past doesn’t define
the future, that more
can be done, in faith
that we can grow, achieve
be the church God wants
if we are willing,
to cast off, walk out
with eyes closed
believing without seeing
out into the unknown

March 19, 2007 20:09 & March 22, 2007 18:30
Matthew 14:22-33 & the devotional by Richard Tackett
(a monk living in the world -,
given at the start of Church Council 3/22/07 (and no, this post
was not written after reading Richard's post of March 19 (

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