Thursday, March 22, 2007

Walking Where He Walked

Sudden epiphany, realization
warming of her spirit in the recognition
understanding the meaning in the feeling
she felt, knowing, she was walking
where he walked, sitting where he
studied Your Word, felt Your grace
was nourished, fed, went to Your table
Stirrings within her, welling up of joy
Feeling his presence, perhaps, even in his eyes
youthful eyes, in the pictures of him then
when he was growing in the spirit,
readying himself for his path, his ministry,
his trials, his sacrifices, to death
spreading the message of hope
of unity, of nonviolence,
of justice for all God’s children
in this troubled and broken land
where too many divides remain still;
so his work is not done yet; she feels the tug
the calling to justice, to equality, to equity
to dignity for all, for her children
as he did for his own, for all the children
One day the dream will be real, she knows that
feels it more acutely,
walking where he walked

March 22, 2007 9:19
on my impressions of Ruth’s statements
about being at Boston University School of Theology
yesterday, knowing that Martin Luther King, Jr.
went there too, for his doctorate.
edited January 19, 2015
Changing the Wind – v3
(merging edits to original and version 2)
Edited July 22, 2013
“changing the wind – v2”
December 7, 2007
“changing the wind”
Based on the comments of Jim Wallis on
Speaking of Faith, November 29, 2007
He was talking about whether to change politicians
or change the wind, to change the public opinion
which guides politics. He used the example
of President Johnson’s statement to the
Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that it would
take 5 years for a voting rights bill but
it actually took 5 months to pass the Voting Rights Act,
after the March in Selma.

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