Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Bethlehem Star - edited

Follow His star
all year long, the light marking
his life, come into the darkness,
this struggling earth
Let his light guide
protect you on your walk,
on your journey
all your life

All of our days, with Him,
walking with Him, guiding our steps
every step, every choice, as he would make
looking to his example, his life
sacrificial, agape love, humble
a servant king, caring for the least, the last
watching over all, healing
telling of the Father’s love
to all who would listen

May we each, in our own way
follow that star, as the wise men,
as the shepherds, as the disciples,
the apostles, the saints before us
bringing his light, carrying his light
witnessing to his light
wherever we go,
wherever we are called
to the ends of the earth

December 24, 2008 and edited 1/1/09
Matthew 2:1-12 and
Welcome by Pastor Ruth L. Foss,
Christmas Eve service, 11:00pm,
Suncook United Methodist Church

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