Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Describing Its Texture

The crushed rose gathered
yet so much living yet
resting on the sleeve of my jacket
taken off for the walk home

The day warming, rising
after leaving the school
crouching down as I did
to gather up the rose

Describing its texture
in a way all could relate
not something like taffeta
not heavy linen, starched cotton

Not like velvet, yet somewhat
lighter than that
nothing artificial,
rayon or the like

Feeling like kid leather
but not quite so stiff
more airy than this too
moving with the gentle breeze

Silk and satin, shimmering
in my grasp, lightly
heavy yet breathing
with the slightest change of the air

Resting now gently
cupped by the skin of the water
posed though broken
for us all to share

June 8, 2010
about the rose of the following poem,
“Blood Red Burgundy”;
but also thinking about the white roses
of the poem, “Baby Rose Petals”

Blood Red Burgundy

In the road
a broken rose
picked probably

A deep rich color
of blood red, burgundy
lying there,
out of place

Bending down,
cupping the petals
the crushed bloom
still beautiful

Limp petals
bending, folding
in the breath of the wind
like a shear silk
a softness of the skin

Putting the rose gently
in a glass of water
floating now, effortlessly
as if with no weight at all

June 8, 2010

Baby Rose Petals

Cupped in her hand
offered for me
baby rose petals
from the remains of the bouquet
poured out
tumbling onto my desk

May 12, 2010
from Shyanne this morning

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