Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hope in My Hand

What do we hold in our hand
he asked each loving heart
all of us gathered in worship
the words of God,
the pen in my hand
but hope is what I hold
in the palm of my hand
always to share the good news
the love of the lamb
who came and died that I may live
good news to spread to the ends of the earth
just as Christ commands

September 11, 2010
Exodus 4:1-17
Romans 12:1-8
John 13:12-17
Welcoming Service
for the Reverend Dr. David J. Abbott
as District Superintendent of the New England District
of the New England Conference
of the United Methodist Church
Bishop’s Day in New Hampshire
with Bishop Peter Weaver
First United Methodist Church of Laconia/Gilford
September 11, 2010

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