Monday, April 04, 2011

Worship 10:00

A sign, an indictment
an offering, a limit
the sign on the highway
an opening, for others, for us

The start of something;
but far more than this
life as worship
walking with our King

So much we can offer
if we walk with our Savior
heeding his calling
to be his hands and feet

Only we can be here
living, in the flesh
being his witnesses
to his grace toward all man

Worship not for an hour
but as a way of life
bringing light into the darkness
till the whole world is bright

April 4, 2011
seeing our church’s sign
on Route 3, Pembroke Street, in Pembroke, NH
“Worship 10:00”
above the name of our church
Suncook United Methodist Church!/group.php?gid=136632035559

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