Saturday, January 04, 2014

lost in our delusions – v4

we believe our own lie
spoken so often
lost in our delusions
in repetition, repeating
the lies we have told one another
sure that we are infinitely better
than all the other nations
but the metrics tell other things
the measures of inequality
where we are lacking
falling behind many others
no better than the rest
lost in our delusions
our propaganda machine
believing our own lies
to rise above the truth
lost, complacent
sure that we are great

edited January 4, 2014
lost in our delusions – v4
(editing version 2)
Edited October 25, 2013
lost in our delusions – v3
Edited October 19, 2013
lost in our delusions – v2
Edited October 12, 2013
lost in our delusions
Edited October 12, 2013
What should we tell them
Edited October 12, 2013
I cry for the children
Edited October 12, 2013
I love her but she is broken
October 12, 2013
America is Broken
“Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, anymore” video
watched after reading the post by my college friend Jim Thibeau

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