Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What if my words . . .

What is my words
visions from the Creator
pearls, treasure
seeds of love flowing
poured into my clay
sharing, giving
imbued within me
changed, moved
sent into the world

What if my words
seeds of the kingdom
messages of God
for the whole world
what if they were stones
gathered for the water
bright colors and textures
wrapped in God’s love

What if my words
scattered, thrown
sown to the whole earth
shards of God’s grace
cutting, moving
entering each person
transforming each heart
each shore for the ripples
the rows for the planting
each one a pearl
a bit of God’s love

What if my words
healing the nations
offering hope
proof of God’s love
what if the Savior
his blood, his body
within the words
poured out in love.

September 28, 2011
Rolling Ridge Day Apart Retreat
“Poetry, Nature, and the Language of the Land”
led by Ray McGinnis
Write to the Heart workshops

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